Wednesday 24th February 2016

A really good session though we were sad to be missing a few members.

Joan is coming back from Jamaica on Saturday so we will try to have a gathering asap.


Elizabeth carried on knitting her sock and was very pleased that it fitted snugly


Marie had finished her scarf during the half term break and had washed and pressed it. Tikka will be impressed


She has fallen in love with the yarn and wants to make something else with it


Flome modelled the scarf for us, really chic!


Jenny made a fair bit of progress but had to spend some time sorting out the shafts which weren’t lifting properly



Mair has nearly finished her rug. The rug is getting greener though the camera has not picked this up


Flome is getting on fine too, more interesting petterns emerging


Wednesday 10th February 2016

Last session before half-term and some good work was done by all


Mair wove a few more inches


and so did Flome


Jenny got her piece going and wove another few inches


and Marie-T got going on her scarf too. She hopes to take it home and finish it over half-term


Elizabeth got on with her sock knitting, it is just getting to the interesting bit where she turns the heel


she is also hoping to make another of these fingerless gloves


detail of Jenny’s weaving – spot the mistakes…….

wednesday 3rd February 2016

We had a brilliant session, seven of us altogether! Tikka came back for the first time this term, she has not been too well and was still very tired but she is gearing up to do new stuff. Hope that will revive her. She brought some lovely little bags and pouches that she had made with Mair’s weaving but we didn’t get a any photos (can we have some photos please?) She also brought along a friend, Myuki (?), who is thinking about joining us. Myuki is off to Japan for a week so let’s hope she remembers us when she gets back.


Elizabeth did a little reworking of her coat and is now happy with it. We all thought it was absolutely stunning. It is entirely woven on the small two shaft loom in strips and is 3/4 her own spinning as the warp is totally handspun and the weft is Noro yarn plied with her handspun


She had had problems with the back but has now inserted one narrow band instead of the two wider bands that were bunched up


Tikka realised she was not happy with this warp so took it off the loom. We are sure that she will make some lovely things with it


this is a detail of Tikka’s warp. She will make a fresh start next week


Marie-T is nearly ready to weave. She had a few learning curves getting to this point but did it all herself (with help from Elizabeth)


Flome weaves on and is getting a nice pattern effect with her variegated yarn. Might be worth one of us trying this “almost ikat” warping technique some time as it makes use of variegated yarn:


Mair weaves on, surely nearly there……


Jenny managed to start weaving but the loom is a bit ricketty still


she is hoping to make a softly draping shawl, very unusual fine work for her

Wednesday 28th January 2016

It’s too late now as the exhibition has finished but we lent some work to Carol Low at Transition Kensal to Kilburn for use in an exhibition at Willesden library.  Jenny went to the exhibition and took a few photos which you can see here: Old Stories for New Times

Quite a busy session today and a good time had by all.


Jenny had to partially destroy her loom in order to add extra heddles……..don’t worry, she managed to put it all together but forgot to take a photo


Marie-T brought in some lovely braids that she has been making at the Castlehaven centre


this is the rather clever little wheel that she makes the braids on


and there is an opportunity for the rest of us to learn some new techniques at a taster session during half term week


Elizabeth got on with her darning and other mending


Marie-T made a warp using the quick warping technique Jenny learned at Snail Trail weavers years ago. It’s really good for quick small warps but you can only make warps as long as the spread of your arms


The warp is on the loom and ready to thread already! It’s going to be a beautiful scarf, we just hope it’s long enough


Flome is getting on really well with her scarf, well it’s more of a shawl actually


here’s a detail


and Mair added lots more lovely soft colours to her rug


and here’s a detail of that

Wednesday 20th January 2016

A quiet session, just Jenny and Marie-T who was back from France.


Marie had made some more fruits at the other group

Having finished her rosepath warp at the end of last term Marie didn’t know what to start on next. So she sorted through all the yarn in the cupboard and found some nice stuff that she was inspired to make a scarf with, probably on the little two-shaft loom as she found the last loom she worked on a bit wonky……..oh no! more repair works needed!


Jenny finished making her warp and started to put it on the loom. She hadn’t noticed that it didn’t even have a reed and beater when she fixed the shaft levers last term but she managed to find the bits and cobble them together.


Then she threaded about two thirds of the warp but ran out of heddles on the loom. Should have counted them before she started…….then didn’t have the energy to make the extra heddles and the spare heddles in the workshop were a different size, guess there is a standard size, but these were slightly shorter……so she went home at that point feeling quite satisfied but very tired.


When she got home she found she had lots of heddles the correct length for that loom. The problem is at this point would it be easier to make new ones or undo the shafts and add the ready made ones?


Wednesday 13th January 2016

Today was our first session back after the break and a relatively small turnout. We did have a visitor though who was quite interested in what we were doing so we hope she will come back. Her name is Jan and she has done a lot of patchwork and other textile crafts but she had not done any weaving before. Unfortunately she has a back problem and as we all know, weaving can be a bit cruel in that area. She had a go on the frame as we thought that would be a good way to introduce basic weaving skills but found it quite hard going. Maybe  the small rigid heddle that you can have on your lap would be easier on the back……?


Jan wove an orange layer on our frame loom, and added some dark blue to make a little pattern.


Flome added some blue to her scarf and it is going well. It is going to be quite a warm and chunky scarf


Jenny is making a warp for another serape. This one will hopefully have a better drape and will be softer as she is using finer yarn.


Mair is introducing stripes of rug wool into her rag rug. We think it is very effective

Actually Jenny had turned up last week thinking that our term started on 6th january. She started to make a new warp but about 6pm began to wonder where everyone else was and when she checked the diary she realised that she had got her dates wrong! The not so good news is that she discovered that during the holidays some moths had been busy in our cupboard so today we had to have a major clear out. The moths were in some fleeces that we had stored at the back of the cupboard where it is really rather warm, so the moths and their larvae were having a wonderful time eating all the fleece. We had to throw all the fleece out and a little bit of other stuff but a thorough check of the yarn stores was made and we hope we are now safe. The community centre have kindly arranged for Rentokil to come and fumigate the place so I am sure all will be well. Jenny will just have to store her fleeces somewhere else nice and cool.


a few moths were trapped with these sticky moth traps but there were millions more……..



Happy New Year

Hope you are all up for another year of making stuff and spinning a few yarns at the workshop. If anyone has made anything over the holiday do bring it in for our first session on Wednesday 13th January.


During the break Jenny made hats for her and Mike


then she visited her grandchildren and made them all hats


She also visited an interesting textile exhibition at Taunton museum. Various textile artists had made works inspired by items in the museum collection. This one is inspired by a bar of workhouse soap….


and this piece of warp faced block weave is inspiring her to make some more table mats……work in progress on her small table loom at her mum’s house so watch this space

mums hat

and she also made this cosy hat for her mother

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Fabulous and lively session last night. Quite a lot achieved, two works off the loom, several new projects being planned. One more session before we break for the Winterval, but we had to say goodbye to Elizabeth and Marie-T as they will be away next week.

Elizabeth got on with her mending and is thinking of what to do next term, maybe use the rigid heddle loom that we have got up and running again. Maria carried on with her twill weaving and it is going well.

Flome had taken some photos of the work that was done last week so these will be added once they are sent to Jenny. She finished warping her loom this session and got started with her weaving but Jenny forgot to photo it!


Mair finished her first rug and was very pleased with it, her edges are very straight. She has enough warp still on the loom for another one…..



Tika’s double weave is getting very interesting, she was trying to work out how to weave blocks of different colours but we couldn’t work it out…..



Jenny did some more loom fixing and has worked out we need to add a dowel to the top of the rigid heddle



and she made some makeshift levers for the shafts on this loom. so next session she hopes to put a warp on it


Marie-T finished her rosepath warp and has achieved something amazing! She is not sure what to do with it yet though. Her edges are also very straight.


and here is a close up of the last bit, we can’t see the mistakes but Marie is convinced it is full of them

Wednesday 25th November 2015

We had quite a busy session tonight, six of us came and we were very happy to see Maria who has not been well. She was still not up to weaving but enjoyed the chat and was very helpful to others with their projects.

Tikka showed us an article in the Standard about the new Selvedge shop in north London which we must get to asap. This led to lots of interesting discoveries such as fabricworks which is a “professional social organisation focused on creating exquisite commissions whilst creating employment”. They are the enterprise arm of Stitches in Time who have a Winter Makers’ Market at Limehouse Town Hall starting on 27th November!

Mair carried on with her rag rug and Flome made a bit more warp and started to put it on the loom, it was looking good so sure she will be weaving next week.

WP_000811 (1)

Jenny brought her serape in to get advice as she is not totally happy with it and may sew it together differently. Lots of useful suggestions, chiefly from Tikka who kept saying “wash it first”!


tikka 8 shaft

Tikka showed us a photo of the piece she is currently weaving at home on her 8 shaft loom. It is double weave with little bits of silk noil inserted in pockets between the layers. Extremely impressive!


Tikka carried on with her warp for a huck lace divider. she is going to make this on her loom at home


Marie-T is going full pelt and hopes to finish this piece before she goes to France for christmas

broken loom

Jenny and Tikka spent quite a bit of time getting some of the older smaller looms sorted out so that we have plenty of looms for people to work on. Jenny took one of these levers home and will try to make a couple of new ones so we can get this loom back into service.                The warp that was on it was so dusty and damaged that we threw it away. It was only a small warp and had been started in 1994 but abandoned! So apologies to anybody who was hoping to carry on with it…..whoever you are?!